SCECH Processing Policy

The 2023-2024 SCECH processing has begun in earnest. Please make note of the MANS policy when it comes to discrepancies in what is applied for vs. what is approved:

MANS will upload the LESSER amount if there is a discrepancy in what is applied for vs. what is approved.

If the applicant applies for less than was approved – that amount is uploaded into MOECS.

If the school administrator has approved an amount less than what is applied for – that amount is uploaded into MOECS.

Thank you!


Each MANS member school is eligible to participate in MANS SCECH processing. School leaders or designees will receive an email in August with a link to a Google folder containing one spreadsheet to track your school and system provided PD. Also in the Google folder will be a documentation folder in which to upload agendas, meeting minutes, sign-in/out sheets, certificates of completion, etc.

Monitor each educator’s professional development throughout the school year. Once your spreadsheet is complete, share the final SCECH count with educators for accurate application. Email Shelley Long for the SCECH application link to share with your educators.

If the school administrator prefers to assign this task to another individual at your school, please do so and inform MANS of their name and contact information.

Wish to participate in MANS SCECH processing? Please email Shelley Long or call her at 517-372-0012.

Non-MANS members can get SCECH processing assistance at a per educator fee. Email Shelley Long for details.

SCECH Eligible Activities

Educators may earn SCECHs in the following ways:

  1. Participate on a school improvement committee. Attend a minimum of 6 meetings, with verified attendance, and receive 25 SCECHs per school year. If more than 6 meetings are held, the minimum attendance is at least 75%. These must be secular and focused on professional learning and not planning school activities, discussing specific student plans, social activities, or class trips. Professional learning should be sessions where educators learn new information and ideas on how to help with their teaching and helping their students learn.
  2. Mentor a new teacher or student teacher or serve as the Mentee. A teacher who supervises a new teacher or student teacher/teacher intern or serves as the mentee for a determined placement period of not less than eight weeks may earn 25 SCECHs per semester. The supervising teacher must coach and provide feedback. The mentee must learn and show improvement. The supervising teacher must submit to the building principal formal evaluations of the mentee’s performance.
  3. Serve on an accreditation site visit team. An educator may earn 25 SCECHs for participation on a planned accreditation review and site visit team for a school. Partial credit will not be awarded for participation in a portion of a site visit.
  4. School provided professional development. Your school may provide PD throughout the school year and occasionally in the summer. That is roughly equal to one hour of content equals one SCECH; the content must be secular and time spent on welcome, breaks, and prayer is not SCECH eligible.
  5. System provided professional development. Your diocese or system may provide PD throughout the school year which you may participate in virtually or in person. The same rules apply as in #4 above.
  6. Independently acquired professional development. You may be able to earn SCECHs for workshops, conference, in-services, webinars, etc. You will need to show proof of completion, such as a certificate with hours completed, or an email stating course completion, as well as pre-approval from your school administrator.

Educator Specific PD

Educators who are interested in seeking SCECHs (secular content only) outside of what their school offers must work with their school administrator for approval prior to registering.

If your school administrator has opted into the MANS SCECH processing program:
1. Your school administrator will collect your certificate of completion (or an email showing completion) and upload it in their Google documentation folder.
2. Include this professional development in your year-long SCECH application at the end of the school year.

For educators who work at MANS member schools that do NOT participate in MANS year-long SCECH processing, you may apply for SCECHs through MANS following these steps.

  1. Work with your school administrator for their approval prior to registering for or participating in any PD.
  2. Apply for SCECHs by completing this form. This includes mentoring, school committees, serving on an accreditation site visit team, college courses, workshops, conferences, etc.
  3. A certificate of completion or a completion email from the instructor may be uploaded in the above SCECH application or emailed to Shelley Long. The certificate/information MUST include the number of “seat hours” or “clock hours” completed.
  4. An email from your school administrator approving your SCECH request MUST be emailed to Shelley Long prior to your SCECHs being uploaded in MOECS. This serves as your school administrators’ signature. It is your responsibility to seek this approval email.

NOTE: Incomplete SCECH applications are invalid. Please fill out the application completely.

NOTE: You must include your PIC number and your first name exactly as it appears in your MOECS account. If you do not know your PIC number, please email MOECS for their assistance:

SCECH Handbook

For complete information on SCECH processing through MANS – for both school administrators and teachers – please download this SCECH Processing Handbook.

Feel free to share the SCECH Processing Handbook in your staff lounge, during staff meetings…whatever is the best way to get the word out on what is SCECH eligible, how to apply, and all the other important information located in the handbook!

Links to MDE Resources

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