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Services & Resources

One of our primary goals at MANS is to provide services and resources that enhance our member schools as well as influence standards for education for all children throughout the state. To achieve that, we:

  • uphold the right of freedom of choice in selecting God-centered education
  • represent and support member schools as legitimate and equal partners with public schools in Michigan
  • provide a framework for communication among government agencies, non-public and public educators at all levels

Our work in this area includes:

State Legislature

  • monitoring all legislation that affects schools
  • working with legislators in developing/modifying legislation that may include services to our children
  • attending meetings relating to transportation

State Board of Education and Department of Education

  • attending State Board of Education meetings
  • working with the State Superintendent
  • serving on State Board committees
  • monitoring all state programs available to member schools
  • supporting state requirements as applicable to members

U.S. Department of Education - Federal Programs

  • facilitating member schools with participation in title programs
  • facilitating member schools in other government sponsored programs

Other Areas

  • providing information and resources to school administrators
  • serving as consultant to school leaders when problem issues arise
  • maintaining an aggregate of member schools for purchase of natural gas and electricity
  • coordinating in-service opportunities
  • triennial conferences for school administrators and school personnel
  • new administrator orientation
  • publication of MANS Handbook of Government Resources and Regulations, MANS News Notes and MANS Parent Network News

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