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MNSAA Accreditation

The Michigan Non-Public School Accrediting Association (MNSAA) was founded in 1985 to provide an avenue for a non-public school to develop and maintain high standards of excellence.

Motivated by a desire to provide a recognized agency for the accreditation of non-public schools, the MANS Board of Trustees joined with representatives of other states to form the National Federation of State Non-Public School Accrediting Associations. The charter for that organization was incorporated in the state of Minnesota and received approval in November 1984.

MNSAA is recognized by the College Board for its work in accreditation.

MNSAA believes:

  • Quality education is the goal of every education institution
  • School improvement is the result of a planned process that responds to the input of students, parents and the community
  • All non-public schools need to be involved in a school improvement process
  • Non-public schools need to strategically plan for their future. The accreditation process provides an avenue to do so
  • All society benefits from a quality education institution

MNSAA is open to Michigan religious, independent or private elementary or secondary schools. To begin the accreditation process, a school must have an established program for a minimum of three complete school years. The school also must complete:

  • a self-study based on material provided by the MNSAA office. The study requires schools to examine their mission and purpose and to have a strategic plan for school improvement.
  • an external evaluation process by a team of public and non-public educators from various levels and positions. This site team prepares a report that is then reviewed by a team of readers who may recommend accreditation status to the Leadership Council.

Annually, the school must submit a report documenting compliance with state rules and regulations, and detailing their progress addressing any concerns listed by the site team. Each team undergoes the complete self-study process every seven years.


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