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Statements of Belief

Education of the next generation is the responsibility of everyone. Parents are the primary educators of their children. Parents partner with schools, churches, communities and local, state and federal governments in order to provide the best opportunities for their children.

All parents need to have the power to choose their children’s educational delivery system. This power is currently limited due to the funding structure of education and constitutional prohibition.

Educational opportunities need to be as diverse as the educational needs. Everyone has a right to be able to learn. Effective opportunities need to be extended to the learner so that he/she can attempt to reach his/her potential.

Technological changes are a significant force in changing the delivery of education to all students. Financial support for these new technological advances in education need to be funded across public and non-public lines.

Currently funded national programs that serve students with various needs must be funded at least to the current levels. The programs that impact children in non-public schools need to be maintained or enhanced.

A more cooperative spirit needs to exist between the local public school district and the non-public school in the planning and delivery process of the various Title programs. Measures need to be taken to ensure the non-public school's involvement in the planning process and to ensure that decisions regarding these programs are made in conjunction and cooperation with the non-public schools.


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