MANS offers webinars on a variety of topics important to nonpublic schools.

Getting EANS Audit Ready Webinar

MANS hosted a webinar on May 25, 2023 with staff from the Michigan Department of Education to provide more information about proper record keeping for EANS.

The EANS I performance period will end on September 30, 2023. All expenditures against the EANS I grant must be properly obligated by September 30, 2023 and liquidated by December 30, 2023 to avoid funds being returned to the federal funding source. An obligation is made on the date the nonpublic school makes a binding written commitment to obtain the services, work, or products. Liquidation occurs when the payment of funds against the expenditure by the nonpublic school after receipt of the services, work, or products takes place.

Note that if a nonpublic school has funds remaining from an expenditure that was previously approved and did not materialize are allowed to re-obligate funds to expenditures as long as they align with a line-item category that has been previously approved.

In 2022 MANS partnered with ADAC to offer a series of trainings on maximizing the services nonpublic schools can offer to children with disabilities. If you couldn’t attend virtually, or in person,  the recording and materials are provided for you here.

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Chat GPT:  This webinar provides an overview of ChatGPT, the tool that is re-shaping educational practices in real-time. Michigan Virtual presenters cover the key features and functionality of ChatGPT and the technology that powers it, identify its capabilities and limitations as a tool for K-12 educators, and see examples of how it’s being implemented in the world of education.

The Framework for Building a Student Talent Pipeline Work-Based Learning Program: Work for Tomorrow invites you to watch this engaging Webinar on how to build a student Work Based learning program focused on student talent pipeline development. The discussion caters to those school leaders who are interested in building a framework for broadening their relationships with businesses that are interested in taking a formal, and active role preparing students for exciting and evolving careers of tomorrow.

Equipping Students & Families for Post-secondary Success: We know that college affordability is one of the biggest concerns for families when it comes to postsecondary planning. Our state has made a groundbreaking investment in supporting students. Learn more about how to ensure students and families get access to this funding that could provide tuition support to an estimated 80% of Michigan students in the class of 2023. In this session you will get “plug and play” resources to share with staff, students and families and also learn about grants available to support your work.

2021-2022 Academic Year Webinars

MANS Membership 101

The Michigan Association of Non-public Schools (MANS) is YOUR education association. This session will walk you through the broad variety of services that MANS offers under the categories of Public Policy, Professional Development, School Accreditation and Innovative Services. This is also your chance to get to know the MANS staff who serve you from Lansing. 

MDE Reports 

In order to access grants and Title services for students, MANS member schools must complete two reports to the Michigan Department of Education. This session will walk you through both reports and ensure you don’t lose services for students should you choose to use them. Click Here for the PowerPoint 

Teacher Certification and Evaluation Requirements 

Teacher certification, endorsements, and evaluation requirements have changed over the past years. Keep up-to-date, learn about resources, and ask questions during this session with MDE Educator Excellence staff. Click Here for the PowerPoint

Free and Reduced Lunch Program

Join Diane Golzynski from the Michigan Department of Education’s Health and Nutrition Services department to learn about federal food and safety programs and resources available to your students. Click Here for the PowerPoint 

Certification and SCECH Information for New Teachers

This webinar, offered November 9, 2021 is a 20-minute overview of MDE’s system called MOECS, PIC numbers and SCECHs, designed for new or newer educators. Click here for the PowerPoint


This webinar, offered November 23, 2021 is a one-hour comprehensive overview of signing up for and using E-rate, by Joseph Polasek, the State E-Rate Coordinator with the Michigan Department of Education.

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