Executive Director’s Corner

Dear MANS Administrators,

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at MANS Public Policy Day
on March 8th. There are several critical issues that will be impacted by
your voice with the legislature. If you have not registered yet, please take
the time to register today.

On a more somber note, no words are adequate to express how students,
parents or educators must feel these days following the tragedy in Florida
this past week. Everyone seems to be grasping for answers to the
incomprehensible. There would appear to be a disconnect between
policymakers and those that they represent with respect to school safety
and the value of human life. What is certain is that action is needed to
prevent senseless tragedies like this from ever happening again. This is
another opportunity for you and your school community to make your
voices heard in Congress and with the state legislature. Do not let the
moment pass you by.


Brian Broderick
MANS Executive Director