Executive Director’s Corner

Dear MANS Administrators,

Please review the urgent request below to contact Senators Peters and
Stabenow as well as your member of the House of Representatives to
urge support for the funding of Title IIA in the tax reform package
expected to be voted on in the next week. Title IIA provides valuable
dollars that teachers and administrators use to participate in professional
development opportunities. During the most recent re-authorization, the
private school community worked very hard to ensure that equitable
services for educators in private schools would be calculated based on a
school district’s total allocation of funds under Title IIA. With that provision
now in place, it is even more important to our schools that adequate levels
of funding for the program be maintained.

It is a busy time of year with final exams, concerts, plays and all of the
excitement in the preparation for Christmas. The MANS staff wishes you
all a blessed and safe Christmas season. Enjoy time spent with family and
friends. May the joy of the birth of our Savior bring you happiness, peace
and comfort.


Brian Broderick
MANS Executive Director