Executive Director’s Corner


Thank you to all who joined us in Lansing for MANS Public Policy Day. We had more than 140 school leaders from across Michigan participate in this year’s event. Participants were able to meet with their legislators to discuss legislative issues that affect all of our faith-based schools including shared time, mandate reimbursements and FIRST robotics grants.  Collectively, MANS was able to reach out to more than 80 Michigan legislators and their staff. 

On March 21st several public school groups, the Kalamazoo school district, the Council Against Parochiaid (CAP) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against the State of Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder and State Superintendent Brian Whiston seeking to prevent the state from paying non-public schools for complying with state health and safety requirements.  MANS and the MCC are seeking to intervene as Defendants.

The 2017-18 proposed School Aid budget includes language that includes funding for these mandates again in the coming year and also addresses shared time as well as eligibility to participate in the state’s FIRST Robotics Grant.  As you will see from the reports, your advocacy had great results.

Brian Broderick
MANS Executive Director