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Utilities Energy Program

We understand that rising energy costs continue to put financial pressure on non-public schools. Our MANS Public Policy/Energy Committee works to help member schools and their affiliates, including parishes, retreat centers, churches and rectories, proactively alleviate this burden by:

  • providing programs to cut costs for natural gas and electricity
  • initiating a program to recover sales tax charges (MANS Member schools should not be paying sales tax on their electricity, natural gas and telephone bills. When one of our member schools discovers this error, we help them by not continuing the payment of the sales tax and by providing them with a process where they can recover for up to four years of the tax they have mistakenly been paying)
  • staying current with the latest potential energy sources by exploring wind power and green power options
  • pursuing conservation projects in several member schools, including upgrading boilers, installing higher quality and more efficient lighting, adding insulation and replacing windows


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