Executive Director’s Corner

Dear MANS Member Schools, Staff, Colleagues, and Friends:

What a great time of the year. School is well underway. The halls of our schools are filled with young voices, laughter, learning and opportunities for all to deepen their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ – the reason for our faith-based schools. It is a busy time of year as well.  Hopefully you will be able to take a moment and reflect on the important work you are doing in your schools, for your students and families. Soak it in even if just for a few minutes at a football game, soccer match or cross country meet. We are blessed to be where we are at this moment. 

The MANS staff hopes to see you October 11-13 at Go Boldly at Mission Point  Resort, Mackinac Island. It will be a wonderful opportunity to recharge and take on your work with even more fervor and enthusiasm than when you began the school year.  


Brian Broderick
MANS Executive Director