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MANS Family Advocacy Network

Working in partnership with parents, this organization is dedicated to the tasks of education, organization, communication, advocacy, engagement, and involvement.  More specifically, the Michigan Association of Non-public Schools Family Advocacy Network (FAN) is formed to:

  • Educate the community about public policy affecting parents and students in non-public schools
  • Organize, communicate with, and move to action members of the community through networking, partnerships, and interaction with school leaders, pastors and congregations, other public officials, and community leaders
  • Ensure educational opportunity, rights of citizens, and public policy
  • Improve advocacy efforts of non-public schools through parent groups across the state
  • Engage and involve parents and others responsible for children

Individual membership shall be open to parents and others who are interested in promoting the purposes of the organization.  Institutional membership shall be open to constituency boards, individual schools, church groups, non-public school parent organizations, and other groups interested in the purposes of this organization.

The Michigan Association of Non-public Schools Family Advocacy Network believes that:

  • Parents are the primary educators of their children
  • All parents have a right to choose the best educational delivery system for their children
  • Non-public schools are a gift to our community
  • Non-public schools are committed to academic excellence within the context of educating the whole child
  • Quality education is vital to the success of all society
  • Parents need to be aware of political power in affecting change
  • Parents play a key role in the direction of their children’s schools

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