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Technology Gathering

MANS hosted our second annual Technology Gathering on December 1, 2017

This half-day seminar provided a keynote speaker and breakout sessions including:

  • Technology Integration: Empathy In Action
    Carol Glanville, Education Technology Consultant
    The influence of technology in the day to day lives of our students and, increasingly, their families is undeniable. As educators in non-public schools, we can use empathy and curiosity to increase student engagement in every lesson. Walk a mile in the shoes of your students and discover how effective technology integration can foster engagement, deeper learning and strengthen formation.
  •  OER and Creative Commons
    Stacy Schuh, Professional Learning Services Manage, Michigan Virtual

    Blended learning is the combination of excellent teaching and excellent digital content. Open Educational  Resource (OER) options are a great way to begin to build a high quality digital curriculum for your blended classroom. This session will provide an explanation of OER as well as updates on state-wide initiatives with regards to OER.
  • Student iWizards as Empowered Learners
    Larry Baker, Associate Principal Mercy High School and Apple Distinguished Educato
    At Mercy the student iWizards design, create and deliver the new student tech orientation. Members of this club self-select. Different project groups create tutorials, conduct a workshop for grade schoolers, and hold Google Hangouts with other tech teams. Last year the team helped build an online Hub where teams from sixteen states and six countries collaborate. Larry will describe how these experiences have enriched and empowered these high school students.

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