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Engaging Philanthropy: Cultivating Financial Support for Non-public Schools

What is Engaging Philanthropy?

The "Engaging Philanthropy" series is an opportunity for non-public schools to dive deep into big picture perspectives with fundraising. For the seasoned program it will make you think about your current process. Are you taking full advantage of opportunities? Has your program hit a wall, or reached a fork in the road where opportunities and challenges should be considered? Are your metrics on point? Is your staff achieving its potential? Are there significant gift opportunities being missed?

For the beginning or "just getting by" program, it is going to challenge you to think about your approach to fundraising, philanthropy, and potential. What is your stake in philanthropy? What is your current institutional thinking? How do you begin to think about opportunities? How do you seize them? What is being forfeited if you aren't involved in engaging philanthropy?

Whether seasoned or beginning, we begin the process of moving past "just getting by" and towards our ability to think bigger, and make that vision a reality.

The next Engaging Philanthropy event, Building Organizational Support for Fundraising, is February of 2018 - check back for the exact date and details!

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