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Allow Aid to Non-public Schools

(This letter appeared in the Detroit News on January 18, 2011 in response to an editorial posted on January 4, 2011–Accelerate-education-reform-in-Michigan )         January 18, 2011 Letter: Allow aid to nonpublic schools The Detroit News editorial “Accelerate reform” (Jan.4) can — and should — start a serious conversation about education policy [...]

Why a Christian School?

Shared by Jim Landskroener, Principal of Our Savior Lutheran School (OSL), Lansing, MI, in the OSL church newsletter. Why a Christian School? Over the next few months I will be sharing some articles as to why a Christian school is so vital in today’s world. These articles were put together by a school in Australia [...]

Faith-Based Education –

Oct 01 2010 Faith-Based Education – Good for students. Good for families. Good for Michigan! In the midst of another school year it is a good time to reflect on and celebrate the tremendous value that faith-based schools bring to the state of Michigan. Michigan’s faith based schools provide quality academics and spiritual and ethical [...]